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The Ambassador Club is comprised of local professionals that are charged with the responsibility of bringing community attention to the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce and the members it serves.  Membership in the Ambassador Group is open to employees of member firms and individual members of the Chamber of Commerce.  To qualify to be an Ambassador you should be interested in community involvement and have future leadership interest in serving the Frankfort/Franklin County community. An Ambassador should be knowledgeable about Chamber services, programs and activities, and the business community.  If you are interested in learning more about the Ambassadorâ??s Club, or other Chamber programs should contact the Chamber office at 223-8261.

Frankfort Area Chamber Board of Directors

Board Member Key Responsibilities: 1. Ensure that the organization develops and maintains sound fiscal and governing policies; develops and monitors strategic direction; monitor operations; and assesses Director performance, organization, and board performance. 2. Represent the organization by actively communicating the Chamberâ??s mission to the community. 3. Ensure that the Chamber has the financial resources to fulfill its mission.

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