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About Us

Moved by the Holy Spirit, Chefs Jeff and
Gail Reed took their roots from Florida and planted them firmly in the
heart of Kentucky where they have surrendered
to their love of cooking. Now, with a combined
40 years of culinary experience, they’ve done everything from small, intimate dinners to an inaugural gala in Washington, D.C. Chefs Jeff and
Gail celebrate the flavors of the South with their
charming spirit and hand-picked ingredients
serving up the most memorable dining experiences where the only agenda for their clients is
enjoying the company of others.
The chefs will work with you to curate the
perfect menu for you and your guests. On the
day of your event, they will shop for only the
freshest ingredients, local and organic, if that
is your preference, and arrive at your home to
begin preparations. They will set a beautiful table (unless you prefer to do it) to include custom-formatted menus for each guest. They will
make your guests feel welcome and comfortable
with a down-home luxury dining experience.
Afterward, they will clean your kitchen spotless while you continue to enjoy time with your
guests! What could be better?
What do their clients have to say about BlueHen Chefs?
“Wow, I was blown away with Chefs Jeff and
Gail Reed and the in-home experience. I was
looking for a personal chef to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal for some friends in my
home. I was able to enjoy my friends over a delicious meal and didn’t have to go shopping, prepare or even clean up! They did it all even down
to fresh flowers and a printed menu placed at
each table setting.” — Teresa

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